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Welcome to Wyoming Indian Schools

Parents & Guardians of Students in Fremont County School District #14:

Thank you all for your work in helping to ensure your child(ren) receive the best possible education during this unusual time in all of our lives.  It is extremely critical that your child logs on every day to make sure they are staying current with their work.  If you find you are having problems, please call your child’s school. If your child cannot log in or (when we open back up) attend school, for whatever reason, please call the school to let the secretary know why.  Please be aware that, by law, we are required to report your child truant when they have 5 unexcused absences. That is why it is so important to call your child’s school every day your child is not in attendance.  Working together will make your child’s educational experience a positive one!

We are not sure how long the WRITC Stay-at-Home orders will be in effect, but please know we are doing everything in our power to make sure students have the materials they need for their educational needs.

"It is our mission of Wyoming to empower all students to learn at high levels to become successful in a dynamic world, while strengthening their cultural identities and traditions.” Wyoming Indian Schools are fantastic places where we strive to meet our Mission, Vision, Values and Goals for every student who attends here.

We are firmly committed to leaving no child behind and accept accountability to "grow each individual child from where they start the school year on our standards and curriculum MORE THAN A YEAR academically, emotionally, developmentally, in cultural understanding and native language. As you can clearly see, we have high expectations of our students, our parent/guardians and our highly qualified staff. We are a great place to grow!

Michelle Hoffman, Interim Superintendent