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~Home of the Neeceeno’/Newu Day-gwah-hay – Chiefs &

Neeceeseino’/Newu Day-gwah-hay Nay-vee-chee – Lady Chiefs~ 

(Arapaho/Shoshone words)

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Chiefs Nation is located on the Wind River Indian Reservation which is home to the  Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes.  Our school is near the base of the Wind River Mountain Range in the community of Ethete.  Wyoming Indian Middle School believes in instilling Honor, Pride, and Tradition in our students while supporting them academically, culturally, and athletically.

535 Ethete Road

Phone No. – (307)332-2992/Fax No. (307)335-7318

Ethete, WY

October 2020

  • There will be 2 options (Option 1: Virtual/Phone Conferences or Option 2: In-Person Conferences) for the Middle School Parent/Teacher Conferences which be held October 21st & 22nd.  If you choose option 1, please contact Rose Goggles @ 332-2992 to schedule a virtual/phone conference with your child's teacher(s) for Wed. - 10/21/20 or Thurs. - 10/22/20 for a time slot 8:00 AM - 3:00 PMOption 2: In-Person Conferences will be held in the Redman Complex gymnasium.  No appointment is necessary.  In-Person conferencing is for the parent/guardian & WIMS students only.  Remember to please social distance and wear a mask.  Guests will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms & masks will be provided to ensure everyone's safety.  Times for in-person conferencing will be 4:00 to 8:00 PM.



2020 WRCAA Youth Boys Champions

Youth Boys WRCAA Champs


    2019 WRCAA Youth Girls Champions

Youth Girls WRCAA Champs


2019 WRCAA JH Girls


JH Girls WRCAA Champs


2019 WRCAA JH Boys


‚ÄčJH Boys WRCAA Champs

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