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Code of Conduct and Manager's Duties

Wyoming Indian FOOTBALL – Code of Conduct

  1. All Student/Athletes must be academically eligible according to the WHSAA. All Athletes must be in good standing and carrying not less than twenty class hours of work per week. You must currently be passing in five subjects, and you must have passed five subjects during the immediate preceding semester.

  2. Weekly Eligibility-All grades will be checked the first day of the week at 3:00 PM. Student/Athletes must be passing five out of eight classes to be eligible. Students will have an opportunity to get off of the ineligible list if they present verification that they are passing five classes by 12:00 PM on Thursday of that week they are ineligible.  Ineligible students will not travel with the team or be allowed on the sideline during home games.

  3. All Student/Athletes are required to take a drug test before they will be allowed to play in contests.

  4. Because of the time, which must be committed to the team, athletes must not allow other activities or clubs to interfere with football.  Only God, Family, and Academics should come before football.

  5. All Student/Athletes must attend practice all week in order to play in the game that week. If a student needs to attend tutoring for grade trouble, that student/athlete will attend practice, then they will stay for late night tutoring on Tuesdays.

  6. All Student/Athletes are required to travel with team to and from the meets unless arrangements are made prior to leaving for the game to ride home with family.

  7. As per the student handbook there is a Zero Tolerance policy on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fighting/Bullying.  

  8. No hickey’s –Any athletes with hickeys will not participate in matches until they are gone.

  9. While on overnight trips all Student/Athletes will conduct themselves in a positive manner. Anyone caught stealing, fighting, or destroying hotel property, shall pay for any damages, sent home, and be removed from the football team.

  10. All student/Athletes can be subject to searches on overnight trips.

  11. All Student/Athletes will practice clean hygiene and shower after matches and practice.

  12. All Student/Athletes will dress according to coach’s policy on game days.

  13. All Student/Athletes will wear the proper equipment for practice; all gear must be washed and cleaned weekly.

  14. All Student/Athletes must be on time for school the day of a game. If tardy on game day, the student-athlete will not participate for that day or meet as per school policy.

  15. All gear must be turned in at the end of the season.

Parents:  If you have any concerns regarding your child’s academic, athletic, behavior, etc., let’s talk together my first.  I will do the same.  Our first priority is and should always be the kids and what is best for our team.  If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me:

Thank you for your support!

Coach Todd Ghormley - (307) 332-9765 or email


Manager’s Duties

  • Setup and teardown practice equipment daily

    • Cones

    • Bags

    • Water bottles

    • Coolers

    • etc.

  • Assist with equipment repair and maintenance

  • Assist with washing practice and competition gear weekly

  • Input statistics from the weekend before

  • Take statistics during games

  • Video record the games

  • Keep water bottles full during competition

  • Travel with the team

  • Adhere to eligibility

  • Any and all other duties assigned

If any players or coaches act disrespectfully or inappropriately to you, it is your duty to tell the head coach or an administrator so the behavior does not continue.


Welcome to Wyoming Indian Football!  We are grateful to have you!


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