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What is MTSS?

At Wyoming Indian Elementary, we are working hard to ensure that every child gets the instruction they need to achieve at high levels. To do this, we are implementing a systematic approach, called MTSS.

MTSS stands for Multi-Tiered System of Supports. Its is a framework for addressing individual student needs in a systematic way. MTSS focuses on the whole child and includes academic, behavior, and social/emotional aspects of education. The goal of MTSS is to provide students with targeted support so they get exactly what they need. 

Student data is analyzed to target specific needs for each individual student. Interventions are provided to address these specific needs. Progress is monitored along the way to ensure the supports are helping students progress at an appropriate rate.

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How does the school identify and support students?

♦ Identification starts with Universal Screening. Three times a year we briefly assess every student to determine which students may be at risk for academic, behavioral, and/or social/emotional struggles.

♦ Once students have been screened, the data is reviewed by the problem solving team to determine which students might benefit from additional supports and/or diagnostic assessment to determine specific needs for Tiered Supports.

What are Tiered Supports?

Supports for students are broken down into three tiers:

TIER 1 - This is the universal tier. All students receive high quality instruction in Tier 1.

TIER 2 - This tier is for students needing extra support beyond Tier 1. This would include smaller group size, additional time, narrowed focus, and/or a different approach to instruction.

TIER 3 - This is the intensive tier. Tier 3 is for students who need specific, intensive support around foundational skills. This is typically done in small group interventions using specific strategies based on students’ needs..

What is Progress Monitoring?

As we deliver supports for students, it is important that we know if those supports are working. Students are progress monitored weekly or bi-weekly to determine if they are growing at an appropriate rate. For students who are not progressing, we go back to the Data-Based Decision-Making process and reassess which supports would be most impactful.


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What can I expect from the school?

♦ Information on my child’s progress in meeting grade-level standards and foundational skills

♦ Notice of academic or behavior concerns by letter

♦ Instruction and  intervention that match my child’s needs

♦ Feedback on how my child is responding and making progress (progress monitoring graphs)

♦ Involvement in individual, data-based problem solving for my child

How can I support my student?

♦ Making reading an everyday habit at home

♦ Communicate with your child’s teacher

♦ Monitor and assist with homework assignments

♦ Review progress monitoring reports

♦ Celebrate and share your child’s successes

♦ Attend parent/teacher conferences and other school meetings about your child

♦ Learn more about the curricula and interventions being used in your child’s school

Check out our MTSS in action!

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High Quality Curriculum Materials

Tier 1 - English Language Arts

Tier 1 - Math

Tier 2 and 3 - English Language Arts

Tier 2 and 3 - Math


  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Phonics

  • Fluency

  • Vocabulary

  • Comprehension

  • Concepts of Prints


  • Number Sense

  • Whole Number Operations

  • Algebra

  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Problem Solving

  • Measurement

  • Rational Numbers

  • Geometry

  • General Math