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Salaries and Benefits

Certified and Classified Salary Schedules

2023-2024 (ADOPTED 2/8/2023)

Salary Frequently Asked Questions

As a teacher, when I complete additional courses to make a lane movement across the pay scale how do I notify the district?

Teachers are required to submit official transcripts to the Business Office by September 30th of the new school year to be given credit for the salary lane change.

What level of courses are accepted for lane changes after gaining a Master’s degree?

Only graduate level credit may be used and applied toward horizontal advancement beyond a Master’s Degree.  Additional semester hour credits must be directly related to the current teaching assignment.

Who decides if my additional credits can be used towards a lane movement?

The Superintendent will be the judge in determining the applicability of undergraduate or graduate credit to the teacher’s current classroom assignment.

When will additional credits be applied towards a lane movement?

In order to advance horizontally on the salary schedule for the current year, credits must have been earned prior to the opening of school in the fall.  The teacher must provide an official transcript of the credits earned.

Does Wyoming Indian Schools offer National Board Certified Teachers additional compensation?

Yes! Wyoming Indian Schools pays National Board Certified Teachers a $4,000 one time payment in December.

Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

As a hew hire, when do my benefits become active?

Health, Dental, and Vision insurance (if selected) become effective on the first day of the following month of your employment.  For example, if your first day or employment is August 13, then insurance benefits begin on September 1.

Fremont County School District 14 is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Fremont County School District 14 ensures equal employment opportunities regardless of race, creed, gender, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. Fremont County School District 14 has a policy of active recruitment of qualified minority teachers and non-certified employees. Any individual needing assistance in making application for any opening should contact the Department of Human Resources.

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