2023 Feast and Fair Event Flyer

The Feast and Fair is a demonstration of all the things we have been working on together throughout the year.  The first Feast and Fair was started by our Grandparent, Garrett Goggles, when he was the Federal Programs Officer for the district. 

Firstly, it is a large community gathering.  The gathering is called the “Feast”, where community members come together to eat and socialize with each other and our staff.  We serve a meal that ties into our communities cultural identity, such as Beef Stew and Fry bread.  During this time, everyone can meet and greet each other, laugh, eat, and have a relaxing time together.

Secondly, it is a Fair!  Each school, grade level, teachers, etc. get a chance to say to the community “this is what we're doing with your children, this is what we’ve been working on together”.  Teachers will be showcasing student projects, art, music, and achievements from throughout the year.

The Fair is a  celebration of the teachers and students from Wyoming Indian Schools. We look forward to seeing you there!

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